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It's Time to Start
Working "On" Your Business

The stress of solving unexpected cash flow crunches mixed with the frustration of finding the right talent and managing nerve-wrecking business partnerships – the everyday challenges of an entrepreneur can be overwhelming.


Not to mention feeling like you are stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel trying to get everything done. Or, what’s worse… not knowing what you should be doing to scale your business.


With all this uncertainty, how can you ever get ahead… or position your business to grow?

The EO Accelerator Boston Program

The entrepreneur’s guide to aggressively grow and master your business.

EO Accelerator Boston is an exclusive executive education program for business owners of companies generating between $250K-$1M in annual revenue who want the tools and the coaching to grow their companies to $1M or more.


Designed specifically for first-stage businesses, this is a truly unique opportunity to learn from and connect with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.


The secret to fast track your results

Structured Support
Action Plans
Knowledge Sharing

Accountability groups to keep you focused on long-term growth

 Execution strategies to generate sustainable profits year after year

Business networks to connect you with highly successful entrepreneurs

The EO Accelerator Boston Offers


Expert, Actionable Content – get specific, scalable strategies you can implement on day one.


Full-Day Workshop ($1,500 value) learn from experts how to work “on” your business, not “in” your business.


Business Networking explore proven execution tricks, tools, and growth hacks from fellow EO members.


Accountability Groups – stay focused on your business goals with a strategic partner.


Finally eliminate the business guessing game

When you join the EO Accelerator program you’ll have what you need to grow your business – all at your fingertips.
Affordable Commitment
Unmatched Opportunities
Maintain Control

The smallest investment that will generate amazing business results.

Expertly leverage Boston’s one-of-a-kind hyperactive entrepreneurial landscape.

Business growth without sacrificing your business’ equity.

Unlock the catalyst to catapult your business.

As part of the innovative EO Accelerator program, you’ll receive business-tested training, strategies, and tools that will grow your annual revenues to more than $1 million.

See what recent EO Accelerator graduates have to say...

Glenn Grant

“I learned right away from the group as well as speakers Mark Moses & Jack Daly if you want to grow you must have a sales engine. In one learning day we did an exercise called the Unique Ability Model, I used that model to make an internal hire and I also outsourced. I now do many less tasks I hate and I have more time to do the things I’m really great at in my business.”

Siobhan Green

“Every time I returned to my office from an Accelerator meeting, my staff noted that I was passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring. I credit our good year, going from $600K in revenue to $1.17M, to my improvement as a leader of a great team of people.”

Kris Marshall

“I do not believe you can find a better investment in your business than EO and Accelerator. This organization’s sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and there is an international community there to support you! With the commitment of EO and the EO members, you cannot help to always be inspired and motivated to be more and do more!”

An investment in your future

Investing in the EO Accelerator Boston program is the smallest financial commitment you can make and still achieve measurable results. The tuition is $3,000 per participant and gives you

  • Direct access to four quarterly learning events

  • Exclusive invitations to networking opportunities with industry leader

  • 12-18 months of business support and mentoring

This program is specifically designed for the most ambitious entrepreneurs. Business owners who are eager, ready, and willing to commit to giving their all to see their businesses grow by leaps and bounds.


To thrive in EO Accelerator you must...

Currently, make at least $250k annual revenue
Have employees or be willing to invest in growing your team
Want to achieve $1M or more in annual sales
Be able to commit the time (3-4 hours per month and one full day per quarter)

Thanks for submitting!

Ready to Apply?

Due to the one-on-one nature of this program, the selection process is very selective and only 30 applicants are accepted per year.

To be eligible to apply* you must:

  • Be the owner or founder of a business with gross annual revenues between $250,000 and $1 million.

  • Be available to meet with a local Entrepreneur’s Organization liaison

  • Submit verified financial and sales reports

*Qualification does not ensure admission into the program.
All applicants are subject to approval by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.