Mentorship Program


EO Mentorship is awesome.  It enriches relationships aimed at high-level leadership and personal development. Throughout the mentorship process, Mentees work toward goals they’ve set and establish personal accountability, while Mentors support them through their own personal experience and wisdom.

The Mentorship relationships last 10-12 months, during which the Mentee and Mentor meet face-to-face for one to three hours each month to work toward setting and realizing personalized, measurable and attainable goals. Mentees drive the relationship, with an EO Mentorship Chair checking in periodically to ensure healthy progress. After a year, the relationship ends with a celebration of achievements. As a way to “pay it forward,” Mentees are encouraged to serve as a Mentor to an EO Accelerator and EO GSEA participant, or another EO member.

Please contact if you’re interested.

Testimonials From Current Pairs

Mentoring has been great, I have enjoyed it and I think my mentee has found huge value in the time we have spent together.