Lexington Wealth Management connects the head and the heart of wealth management, where logic and emotion come together and sometimes clash. So that’s why they listen with the heads of entrepreneurs and the hearts of social workers. (Always thinking and ready to help.)


Lexington Wealth Management gets to know who you are and how you feel about what your money does for you. Open conversation matters. They do ongoing training and skills upgrades; also challenge themselves to be on the forefront of knowledge. Lexington Wealth Management are entrepreneurial on your behalf.

Lexington Wealth Management

Aaron Derderian

Wealth Advisor



12 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

Crews & co.

Crews & co. is a management consulting firm helping ready-to-scale, seven-figure businesses achieve their first $10M, $20M, or $50M year. Using the Growth Method, our proprietary business operating system, we help companies increase their revenue, profitability, and salable asset value. Through in-house resources and a curated partner network, we also offer entrepreneurs everything they need to grow their business: finance services, recruiting, HR, marketing, wealth management, M&A, and more.


Eric Crews

220 Forbes Road, Suite 108
Braintree, MA 02184



Businesses of all sizes are faced with a rapidly-changing competitive environment. Companies that possess both the ability to successfully navigate obstacles, and the agility to react to market conditions, are better positioned for long term success. Analytix Solutions helps your company tackle these types of challenges.

We empower business owners to confidently make informed decisions and positively impact profitability. We are a single source provider of integrated solutions across multiple functional areas and disciplines.

Through a combination of cross-disciplinary expertise, technological aptitude, and deep domain experience, we support our clients with efficient systems and processes, reliable data, and industry insights. We are your partner in strategically scaling your business for growth.


Innovative. Scientific. Evolving.

We are a team of passionate, creative people who are using extreme personalization to make the world a healthier place.

Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is the backbone of InsideTracker. We believe the most impactful science and technology products result from constant learning. And so, we always are.

The algorithm that drives the InsideTracker platform is continuously refined, drawing on cutting-edge research and technological advances. It’s smart and ever-evolving, just like your body is.

But we are more than machines. We build and grow our products using both innovative technology and the human brain power of our accomplished scientific team.

Cambridge Savings Bank

Cambridge Savings Bank provides a global network of resources to business owners to help serve the unique needs of entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses. This is an important element for new entrepreneurs to grow, learn, and thrive in a fast-paced economic marketplace. At CSB, our brand promise is to treat every customer like our only customer and we do this by making it our priority to get to know customers and businesses one-to-one, and being a partner dedicated to supporting their financial needs. Being an EO Boston sponsor and participating in their forums allows us to provide mentorship to members on subjects where we have deep knowledge and expertise, and that also allows us to be “on the pulse” of what needs are “top of mind” for business owners so that we can better support all of our customers. We are proud to support EO for the past 8 years and participate in their think-tank discussions along with motivated and smart business owners that are like-minded about innovation and growth opportunities. EO Boston is a tremendous organization and we look forward to continuing the partnership.

Satish P.jpeg

Satish Patel

CEO & Founder Accounting & Finance


McKenna Bush  .jpeg

McKenna Bush

Business Development Representative



Brad Fitts

Vice President | Senior Business Development Officer


81 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451

Cápita Works
Capita Works - Logo.jpeg

If it ain’t broke, make it better.

As a serial entrepreneur running successful businesses both in the US and Latin America, I am blessed with the opportunity, but also the challenge, of leading diverse teams across different industries and locations…

Because of this, one of the things that really gets me excited is finding strategic solutions that can be implemented in any company, no matter the size, industry, or years in business.

Salaries in the United States have consistently increased over the years, businesses struggle to survive and grow, there’s a shortage of talent and entrepreneurs need more help than ever to keep up with the constantly evolving business environment…

That is why I created Cápita Works, a PEO focused on serving American entrepreneurs and helping them save money by accessing highly qualified talent across Latin America. I have taken advantage of the expertise I’ve accumulated by building the fastest growing accounting and advisory firm in the region and combined it with my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others do the same.

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Adrian Romero


619-845 2155