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“30 For Thirty” – Reward Your Forum & Help Our Chapter Grow

By: Patty Sins (Membership) – The new EO year has just begun and it promises to be unforgettable! With a focus on member engagement and growth, the board is committed to building the chapter and making it stronger than ever. More members means more resources for once-in-a-lifetime events, more networking opportunities, and more fun! The 2017/18 event schedule was designed to Elevate your business, your self, your family and your life. This year, for the first time, our chapter is launching the EO Boston Forum Referral Program called 30 for Thirty. The goal is to recruit 30 new members to commemorate EO’s 30th anniversary. To make this a win-win for both the chapter and your forum, we’re implementing the following referral incentives, good through June 30, 2018:

  • Recruit 2 new members – Forum receives $400

  • Recruit 3 new members – Forum receives $750

  • Recruit 4 new members – Forum receives $1200

  • Recruit 5 new members – Forum receives $1750

  • Recruit 6 new members – Forum receives – $2400

Please note that this chapter program will complement the EO US East Referral Program which rewards each member $250 for every 3 recruits, $500 for every 6 recruits, $750 for every 9 recruits, and so on. And don’t forget…in the interest of promoting diversity, there is always a focus on recruiting young entrepreneurs (30+) and women. Complete the referral form that is located at and the EO Boston Membership team will take it from there. This is your opportunity to make a difference so get involved today! Feel free to contact Patty Sins ( or Justin Rolnick (Justin@greekkitchenmanagement .com) with questions.

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