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GSEA Competition 2018- EO Boston

By Nicole Chan

Let’s think back to when you moved into college. Your comfort items were stowed into boxes. You and your parents may have taken an obligatory trip to IKEA to purchase a small microwave, collapsible laundry hamper, and other space-saving items. Your first year at college introduced you to a new way of life – of student lounges, dorm room hangouts, and a new sense of independence. You may have joined a club or an intramural sport. It’s possible that you may have seen a lot of the inside of a library while cramming for midterms and finals. Perhaps you spent most of the time figuring out the exact amount of minutes it would take for you to roll out of bed and run to class.

Five students, Jacob Becraft, Paul Wiley, Andrew Joshua Nagal, Flavio Somanji, Miracle Olatunji, did all of the above and one thing more. This one critical element separates them from the average university student.