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Kate Morgan: Recruitment Expert and Founder of BostonHCP

Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan is a talent recruitment expert and renowned entrepreneur in the recruitment industry. With over 25 years of experience, she has developed an undaunted acumen in helping top-tier companies in and out of the United States to hire the best hands.

In a bid to help more brands build vibrant and resourceful teams, scale up their productivity, and grow their businesses, Kate founded the Boston Human Capital Partners (BostonHCP), a reputable talent acquisition consulting firm. Through BostonHCP, Kate employs proven and reliable strategies to not only source great talent but also plant them in companies with healthy workplace cultures, creating a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders.

For Kate, employee welfare is integral to building long-lasting employer-employee relationships, ensuring that talented individuals enjoy their jobs and grow in the workplace. As a dedicated member of EO Boston, Kate brings her years of experience to the table, offering necessary support and mentorship to other members of the entrepreneurs' network. In this short interview, Kate granted us insight into her journey as an entrepreneur, her plans for the future, and counsel for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

How Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

I founded BostonHCP 12 years ago when I saw a great need in the market for a service that was more about building strong companies rather than just putting bodies in seats.

Challenges are always around people, but this is also where I find it to be the most rewarding.

How Do You Network With Other Entrepreneurs?

I leverage my EO network to help me be a better business person.

Who Have Been Your Strongest Mentors?

It’s quite broad. I gain IQ points from everyone I speak with.

The list is really endless. I honestly feel like every learning event or conversation gives me a different perspective or introduces me to a new experience. It could be as practical as learning about the workforce training grant or how critical having core values is to ensure you have a high-performing culture.

What’s Next for You?

I am really excited about being accepted into EMP. I am moving to a co-op structure in my company, so I can help my devoted team members build on their own wealth and entrepreneurial mindset.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You Can Give Up and Coming Entrepreneurs?

Leverage other entrepreneurs. It can be a lonely place, and being surrounded by people you can be vulnerable with can feel like an oasis when working through challenges.

Also, EO is so much more than just the Boston chapter. Take advantage of the global scale.

Ready to Join EO Boston?

Like Kate, you can take advantage of the EO Boston Accelerator Program and take your business to a new level. There’s so much you can learn and achieve with the right association.

Increase your knowledge base by interacting with many skilled experts like Kate, and you’ll be glad you did. The EO community is ready to welcome you with open arms. See if you qualify for EO Boston membership here.

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