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Analytix Solutions helps companies tackle challenges by empowering business owners to confidently make informed decisions that will positively impact their company’s profitability. We are a single source provider of integrated solutions across multiple functional areas and disciplines. Through a combination of cross disciplinary expertise, technological aptitude, and deep domain experience, we arm our clients with efficient systems and processes, reliable data, and industry insights to help propel their business to the next level.

Analytix Founder and CEO Satish Patel's breadth of business and accounting knowledge coupled with his analytical skills provide him the insight to recognize the components that create a successful business. Working one-on-one with his clients as a trusted advisor, Satish delivers scalable financial solutions to insure data integrity in financial reporting and bookkeeping activities. Analytix achieves this through resources and tools that can be customized for specific industries, such as indoor sporting facilities, franchises, CPAs, and law firms. Businesses today of all sizes are faced with a competitive environment that changes rapidly. Companies that possess the agility to react to those market conditions on an ongoing basis and successfully navigate through any unanticipated obstacles are better positioned for long term success.

Services Offered

  • Finance and Accounting

  • IT Solutions

  • Data Management

  • Insight360

  • Audiovisual Solutions

  • Healthcare Solutions

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Business Transformation

Forum Presentation Topics

  • How to grow your people

  • Strategies to grow your small and mid-size business

  • Building an effective 3-Year Plan for your business

  • The CEO's Role: Leadership, Management, and Expectations for the Job

  • Achieving success with a strong network


Satish Patel
Founder & CEO

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