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Entrepreneurs Organization Boston is a dynamic group of entrepreneurs committed to learning, improving, and achieving transformational growth.

Our EO Boston chapter is comprised of 100+ business founders and builders who offer and seek the experiences, wisdom and support that we need.


The heart and soul of EO Boston are our Forums which provide the opportunity to learn from a high-quality support network of vetted, like-minded experienced leaders dedicated to helping each other succeed.  These Forums facilitate deep, honest and respectful conversations which lead to breakthroughs, transformational growth, and life-long friendships and relationships.


The Forums as well as events hosted by EO Boston and EO nationally and internationally offer access to additional peer-to-peer learning opportunities, world-renowned experts, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

“EO is finding your tribe.” EO Boston member. 
“EO is taking off the blinders. It’s getting me to think bigger and think more creatively.”  EO Boston member. 
 “EO is an experience you can’t get anywhere else -- the learning opportunities and exposure opportunities.” EO Boston member.