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Why Join Entrepreneurs Organization Boston?

Are you an entrepreneur who aims to accelerate your company’s growth?

Do you crave a committed group of business owners with whom you can share challenges?

Do you want to enhance your leadership abilities and make life-changing connections?
Glenn Grant, EO Member, Selfassembled Ventures
Kristin Sweeney, EO Accelerator, Every LIttle Word
Lisa Vitale, EO Member and President, Simply Direct
Michael Fabbiano, EO Member, Highpoint Engineering Inc.
Kent Zelle, EO Accelerator, Nauset Rentals
Kathy Doyle, EO Member and Past President, Fireflower Alternative Energy
Steve Temme, EO Member, Listen Inc.
Kate Morgan, EO Member, Boston Human Capital Partners

Join the World's Most Influential Entrepreneurs!

Learn from other accomplished entrepreneurs who’ve experienced similar challenges.

EO facilitates honest and respectful conversations that lead to growth and breakthroughs.

Go further together with a dynamic group of entrepreneurs.

EO provides members a high-quality support network of leaders who collaborate.

Achieve growth - EO members boost their business growth by more than 3X the average S&P 500 Index.

Our members are dedicated to helping each other succeed.

Experience life-changing events.

EO creates transformational educational and experiential opportunities through peer-to-peer learning, access to experts, and exclusive speakers and events.

“Whatever I thought when we started the company – my dreams for the business, my dreams for myself, my dreams for my family – I couldn’t have imagined how much bigger my dreams would become as a result of my participation in EO.”  Boston EO Member

Why Wait?

If you’re an entrepreneur of a company with a minimum of $1million in annual revenue, now is the time to learn more about all that EO Boston offers.
*Check out our Accelerator Program if your company has less than $1million in annual revenue.
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