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Crews & Co

Crews Consulting Group is a management consulting company built for small businesses. We’re a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping other business owners increase revenue, profitability, and salable asset value of their companies using GROWTH, our proprietary business operating system. Through in-house resources and a curated partner network, we also offer entrepreneurs everything they need to grow their business: finance services, recruiting, HR, marketing, wealth management, M&A, employee/customer engagement, leadership development, and more.

Services Offered

Management Consulting Built for Small Businesses: When you’re building a business, you often take on too much, too fast. Your company might be growing, but you’re wasting valuable time, energy, and resources on solutions that leave you spinning your wheels. At Crews Consulting Group, we work with business owners and executives who know there’s a smarter, more effective way to run their companies. When you have a consistent system for running your business, you consistently see real improvements. And when you start focusing on the right priorities and tools to help your company grow sustainably, you’ll see increases in revenue, profitabili- ty, and the enterprise value of your company. Our experienced consultants can guide you through every step of your entrepreneur’s journey. We’re all business owners ourselves, and we use our real-world knowledge (plus some hard-earned lessons) to leverage our clients’ potential for growth. That’s how we’ve helped 80+ companies generate over $100 million in profits in the last 5 years alone. And we’re confident that you can get the same results

Forum Presentation Topics

  • How to Use OKRs to Set and Achieve Better Goals (could be a more advanced OKRs session if the group is familiar with the basics)

  • How to Create a Hiring Map for Your Organization

  • Building an Effective 3-Year Plan for Your Business

  • The CEO's Role: Leadership, Management, and Expectations for the Job

  • Creating a Great Business Scorecard


Eric Crews
Founder & CEO

Brendan Leonard
Chief Revenue Officer
617- 233-5602


Upcoming Events

Presented by Crews & co: Team Health - Exercises for Earning Your Employees' Trust
Presented by Crews & co: Team Health - Exercises for Earning Your Employees' Trust
In business, people are 90% of your success. In this interactive webinar, you'll learn a few simple exercises for running a "health check" on your own team. Every participant will also get a free DiSC profile. This webinar is hosted by Eric Crews, CEO of Crews & co.
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