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Global Student Entreprenurs Award

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate businesses while attending college or university. Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local competitions in the hopes of qualifying for national finals and eventually for the GSEA Global Finals. GSEA scoring is heavily weighted on the student entrepreneur (70%) versus their startup ventures (30%), which means that our competition is seeking those individuals that have the grit and integrity to rise above the challenges of entrepreneurship.


You must be enrolled for the current academic year in a university/college as an undergraduate or graduate* student at the time of application. Full-time enrollment is not required; part-time enrollment is acceptable. You must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of your company and principally responsible for its operation. Each company can be represented by only one owner/co-founder. Your business must have been in operation for at least six consecutive months prior to the application. Your business must have generated US $500 or received US $1000 in investments at the time of application. You should not have been one of the top seven finalists from any previous year’s GSEA Global Finals Competition. The age cap for participation is 30 years of age.


"My experience with GSEA has been one of the most foundational, empowering and exciting opportunities I've had as a student founder. Entering this community, I was met with love and support from my mentors, supporters, and the other student entrepreneurs I met. As part of winning the regional competition, I was connected to a mentor who now is going to be a part of my first pre-seed round. If you're about to enter the GSEA community, get ready to leave with an army of supporters."

- Rachel Domb, Rooted Living

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