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Since 1986, Insperity’s mission has been to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. Offering the most comprehensive suite of scalable HR solutions available in the marketplace, Insperity is defined by an unrivaled breadth and depth of services and level of care. Through an optimal blend of premium HR service and technology, Insperity delivers the administrative relief, reduced liabilities and better benefit solutions that businesses need for sustained growth. With more than 95 locations throughout the U.S., Insperity is currently making a difference in thousands of businesses and communities nationwide, to learn more go to _sft_resource-type=client-testimonial&wvideo=j2lzse2wq6#posts-anchor.

Services Offered

Full-service HR for small business:

  • Fortune 500-level employee benefits

  • Payroll and HR administration

  • Risk mitigation

  • HR-related compliance

  • assistance

  • Personalized HR and talent management guidance

  • All-in-one HR technology

Full-service HR for middle market:

  • Competitive employee benefits package options

  • Scalable HR and payroll admin infrastructure

  • Risk mitigation

  • HR-related compliance assistance

  • Professional HR support and HR consulting

  • Advanced workforce technology and analytics

HCM + HR technology suite:

  • Benefits administration

  • Automated payroll and HR administration

  • HR-related compliance tools and support

  • Workforce management technology

  • As-needed support from an HR service team

Forum Presentation Topics

  • Employer Risk mitigation.

  • What is a PEO and How can it help small business?

  • How AI will impact work/jobs.

  • Remote work or “Structured Hybrid” 4-day workweeks

  • Child, elder, and mental health care.

  • Recruitment, retention, and culture.


David Bacon
Business Performance Advisor

Drew Quesnel
Certified Business Performance Advisor

Screenshot 2023-10-12 114836.png
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