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Lexington Wealth Management

Lexington Wealth Management connects the head and the heart of wealth management, where logic and emotion come together and sometimes clash. So that’s why they listen with the heads of entrepreneurs and the hearts of social workers. (Always thinking and ready to help.) Lexington Wealth Management gets to know who you are and how you feel about what your money does for you. Open conversation matters. They do ongoing training and skills upgrades; also challenge themselves to be on the forefront of knowledge. Lexington Wealth Management are entrepreneurial on your behalf.

Services Offered

  • Life Planning - Financial Planning - Portfolio/Investment Management.

    • You’re working hard. Let’s make sure you’re getting what you work for.

    • Is it a certain way of life? Fulfillment of responsibilities? Freedom from worry? Whatever you’re working towards, understanding what drives you is essential to mapping out your everyday financial decisions.

    • We help guide and adjust so your plan will be resilient in the face of whatever life throws at you.

  • Debt consolidation, lending, and mortgages.

    • If you’re looking to buy a home, refinance a mortgage, or leverage your income and assets to acquire other types of property, we have access to a range of credit providers that can help you originate or refinance debt at exceptional rates.

    • We’ll run the numbers, evaluate and explain the tax consequences, and then introduce you to some of the best loan specialists in the area

  • Concierge Service.

    • In fact, to ensure all of your needs are being addressed, we team up with strategic partners who provide specialized services as needed. If private banking, art experts, home transition, and luxury vehicle financing are what make the most sense for you, we will make sure your needs are met seamlessly

  • Family Wealth & Estate Planning Services

    • Protecting and nurturing family wealth through generations.

    • Business Succession Planning

    • Multi-Generational Estate Planning

    • Insurance Planning

    • And more!

Drinks on us!

  • Lexington Wealth Management will buy drinks for any forum after their meeting.


Michael Tucci
Founder & CEO

Aaron Derderian
Wealth Advisor


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