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Why Consider a Strategic Alliance Partnership with Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Boston?

In order to become a member of EO, one must:

  • Lead a company that has at least $1M in revenue and

  • Be a founding partner or majority shareholder in the business. As a Strategic Alliance Partner, you are dealing with a highly-qualified, growth-oriented group of leaders in your target market as well as their entire network. These leaders participate in a variety of communities where your prospects gather. It's an opportunity for you to build important and long-lasting relationships with companies whose values are aligned.

Brad Fitts, VP Cambridge Savings Bank

The Core Values of EO are:
Think Big, Be Bold
Trust and Respect
Thirst for Learning
Together We Grow

Our Strategic Alliance Partners have built relationships with members and have become invaluable providers of products and services ranging from wealth management and banking to staffing to executive coaching and development. In addition, EO members have been an excellent source of referrals for several of our Strategic Alliance Partners. Here is what some of our existing partners say about their collaboration with EO:


"I credit EO with expanding our customer base..."


"It's truly a win, win, win partnership."


"EO gives a return on investment, not just financially, I'm able to make friends, meet new people, get clients, and get referrals..."


"...With EO, you can potentially extend your global reach out of the gate..."


If Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) sounds like a place where your organization might find benefit, please click here and our team will schedule a time to share more and help you determine next steps.

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