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Genuine Business Advisors

We act as a business broker and consultant for those wishing to sell their business and as a business acquisition consultant for those wishing to acquire a business. We can assist with the business broker opinion of value, operational consulting for the business being sold to maximize value to the seller and we can assist with writing the sale documents, marketing the business, negotiating the sale and working with the attorneys to legally paper the deal.

  • John Gleason, Founder and CEO of Genuine Business Advisors LLC. He has over 25 years of operational business ownership experience including 12 years working for a national M & A firm as an intermediary, over 20 years total in commercial printing owning a $14M business which was sold to a national Private Equity Group, and over 8 years as a 5-unit franchise owner with Supporting Strategies, a national bookkeeping and accounting services firm for small businesses. Also, John has owned several smaller businesses along the way and holds a certificate in Mergers & Acquisitions from Columbia Business School (2023) and a Certificate in Management Accounting from Cornell University ( 2020).

Forum Presentation Topics

  • How to maximize your sale price as a business seller

  • What steps to take to prepare your business for sale?

  • How to calculate Seller’s Discretionary Earnings and EBITDA.

  • How to properly “paper the deal” as a business seller or buyer

  • How can I outsource, organize and automate my accounting department as best as possible?

  • What are Private Equity Groups looking for in selling a privately held firm?

  • What steps are necessarily involved in selling a business today?


John Gleason
Founder & CEO
617-675-2886 / 508-735-3820

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