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Member Spotlight - Clark Waterfall: The BSG Executive Talent Sourcing Guru

Clark Waterfall

When you talk about established people in the leadership space, one name that should be on your list is Clark Waterfall. Clark is the managing director of BSG (formerly known as Boston Search Group), a brand that helps businesses find the best executives for their boards.

For more than two decades, he meticulously grew into a revolutionary force in the executive search space, helping countless businesses fill C-level vacancies while allowing them to grow through well-thought-out leadership. In this interview, Clark shared insights into his journey as a talent recruiter. Read on to learn the role EO Boston plays in this, too.

Tell Us About Your Business and What You Do

Our specialization is building and tuning leadership teams. Via BSG, we’ve built a reputation over the last 25 years of recruiting leadership for innovation. Also, through our Talent Sequencing brand, we’ve built a set of assessment tools and a team of experts in coaching, leadership learning and development, and cultural-focused company acceleration.

How Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur in 1997, the same year BSG was founded. I must have fallen and hit my head and had a delusional belief that “there had to be a better way.” You can call it a Jerry Maguire moment. That was the turning point in my life. Since then, I’ve been on this path of helping businesses actualize their goals by hiring the right leaders for their boards and teams.

What Have Been Your Greatest Challenges and Successes in Business?

My top challenges, which double as my successes, are going through three or more economic cycles and facing some industry-related pivots. Another major challenge I face is building and leading teams because this is the foundation for helping my organization and clients grow—developing the right team and leaders.

How Do You Network With Other Entrepreneurs?

There are different ways I do this. Most importantly, I try to go to networking events and stay very involved in EO Boston forums. I also LOVE the one-on-one virtual meet-ups that are automatically generated by a digital matchmaker every month. Hence, you keep meeting new EO members in your chapter, as well as in your region.

Who Have Been Your Strongest Mentors?

Sadly, it’s been one of the many things I’ve failed to acquire—a single mentor. So, I have looked to EO as a “collective intelligence” gathering system. It’s like AI for entrepreneurs.

What Have You Learned Since Joining EO Boston?

My biggest learning is that you’re never too experienced, old, or knowledgeable to learn new stuff. Hanging out with new entrepreneurs is like hanging out with the cool kids. They ALWAYS have new tools, processes, technologies, and perspectives that help all entrepreneurs stay sharp. I approach EO Boston with this mindset, which has helped me learn a lot whenever I interact with other members.

What’s on the Horizon for You?

I’d say it’s constant re-invention. But that would be within our executive talent swim lane.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You Can Give to Upcoming Entrepreneurs?

Peer groups are some of the most powerful mechanisms for learning and a sense of belonging.

Join EO Boston to Connect With Mentors Like Clark Waterfall

EO Boston is an entrepreneurial community in Boston that boasts several business owners and leaders across diverse industries. Our members leverage our forums, mentorship opportunities, leadership events, and peer-to-peer learning to accelerate their growth and take their businesses to the next level.

If you want to network with other entrepreneurs like Clark Waterfall and learn what it takes to remain in the game for 25 years, check out our membership requirements and see if you qualify to join.

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