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Women Leading the Way in Boston, MA

Boston businesswomen

It’s Women’s History Month, and women continue making history in every field. Did you know that organizations with more women in managerial positions tend to be more profitable? This is evidenced in a McKinsey study covering over 1,000 companies from 12 countries.

Women have continued to make their marks in the world. For instance, for the first time in 68 years, women now chair over 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies, with this figure expected to rise as gender diversity becomes the norm.

In Boston, women are already disrupting various industries—a motivation for future Boston businesswomen. Some of these women are part of the EO Boston network. Keep reading to learn about them and their unique contributions to the Boston business landscape!

Laurie Stach

Laurie is a seasoned educator and entrepreneur who is part of EO Boston’s women entrepreneurs network. Despite earning a background in engineering from MIT, Laurie has repositioned herself as a people person, encouraging young people to take charge of their lives.

As such, she founded LaunchX in 2012 to empower young people to start and nurture their own businesses. She believes with proper guidance and the right resources, she could “cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.”

Laurie has worked with big brands like Boston Consulting Group, BMW, and GE Energy. As an instructor, she continues to teach and inspire young people on entrepreneurship through TEDx and edX.

Wendy Pease

Wendy is a Boston businesswoman and founder of Rapport International—a Boston-based language translation and interpretation company for multinational companies. When she’s not at the office, she writes or speaks at events aimed at helping other people become productive with their talents or skills.

Wendy is a member of several women entrepreneur networks, including EO Boston, and contributes immensely to the growth of other women entrepreneurs in Boston. She’s an author and podcaster with a track record on Amazon and various other distribution sources.

Lisa Vitale

Lisa is a seasoned marketer with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and arts industry. Her expansive marketing and leadership experience earned her a presidential spot at SimplyDIRECT—a top-tier B2B marketing firm in the US.

From time to time, Lisa shares her business and leadership knowledge with aspiring leaders. As a member of the EO Boston women entrepreneur network, Lisa continues to inspire her colleagues and observers through podcasts and thought leadership. You can find some of her work on Amazon and YouTube.

Sandra Batakis

Sandra is an IT solutions expert with over 20 years of experience. She started as a teacher and mentored young and aspiring IT enthusiasts. Then, she founded SJB Enterprises to provide IT solutions to businesses across the US and beyond.

Sandra is also an active member of EO Boston who regularly shares her expertise on leadership and management through podcasts and interviews. These sessions aim to promote entrepreneurship and inspire women to actively participate in business no matter the odds.

Clemencia Herrera

Clemencia is an icon for Latino women entrepreneurs in Boston. She developed her advertising and marketing experience to help businesses grow and generate quality leads. Her vision led her to found and manage Moira Studio—an advertising firm that believes in using the right tools and techniques to build the right brand audience.

Clemencia doesn’t stop at building and managing her business; she regularly shares her leadership and management knowledge with the world through interviews and writing.

As an active EO Boston member, Clemencia contributes to the Boston businesswomen community through invaluable coaching on building a profitable business and her empathy toward nurturing others to improve their skills.

Get Inspired

Diversity in the business world is the way to go for greater profitability. Thankfully, Boston businesswomen continue to inspire other women and organizations to implement diversity and build profitable businesses worldwide—thanks to their mentorships and entrepreneurship networks.

Are you a small business owner looking for a clear path to growing your business? Then consider joining EO Boston to get started with our EO Accelerator program. You may start by learning more about EO Boston and our members.


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