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Real-Time Problem Solving: Getting Inside the Entrepreneurs Organization Forum Experience

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Every business day has its fair share of challenges, and as an entrepreneur, you’re faced with the responsibility of navigating through them one at a time. However, this process becomes easier if you have a group of like-minded people who can team up with you to solve real-time problems you may have. This is where Entrepreneurs' Organization Forums come in. Read on to learn about EO Forums and how they can help you overcome your business hurdles.

What Is the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Forum Experience, and How Can It Help Business Owners Solve Their Problems in Real Time?

The EO Forum experience is an essential part of being a member of an entrepreneurial network like EO Boston. Generally, EO Forums are small peer groups that encourage members to share business and personal experiences with each other. They typically meet monthly or thereabouts.

So when we talk about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Forum experience, we’re referring to the exposure and the excitement of actively belonging to a Forum. One way being part of these Forums can help you solve problems in real time is by giving you access to professionals who you can have on speed dial. Whenever you face a problem, you can contact them and get their take on the situation.

How to Join an EO Forum and Take Advantage of Its Resources

To join an EO Forum, you need to first join an EO chapter, like EO Boston. EO Boston is quite exclusive in terms of membership. For a start, you must have a business before you can join, and the business must have made at least $1 million in revenue.

However, if you’ve not achieved this yet, you can join the EO Boston Accelerator Program, open to entrepreneurs with $250,000 in revenue. Once your application to join EO Boston is approved, you can then become a part of the Forums.

Benefits of Joining an EO Forum

The benefits of joining an EO Forum are limitless. Networking events are instrumental in achieving business growth and connections. In fact, about 79% of Americans admit networking is vital to their career success. Let's take a look at some of the perks:

1. Networking Opportunities

Joining an EO Forum gives you the opportunity to build your entrepreneur network. This Forum connects you with other like-minded entrepreneurs committed to growth, learning, and impact. They hold monthly meetings and organize other side events that allow you to build personal and professional relationships with others.

2. Hearing From Veteran Entrepreneurs

With EO Forums, you are not just connecting with start-up entrepreneurs; you are also connecting with experienced business owners with a proficient track record and expertise in their field. During entrepreneur networking events organized by the Forum, these veterans share their knowledge, skills, and resources that help them stay relevant in the business world.

3. Receiving Honest Feedback on Current Issues

One of the benefits of EO Forums is the ability of members to find solutions to current challenges. Collaboration is the name of the game. If you’re going through something difficult as an entrepreneur, chances are someone (if not several people) in your Forum are experiencing it, too — perhaps they’ve already gone through something similar. Getting firsthand feedback and advice from fellow EO members can help you overcome challenges, grow as a leader, and help other members in the future.

Tips for Making the Most of an EO Forum Experience

Making the most of an EO Forum transcends attending meetings or sharing your business cards. Knowing how to communicate and interact during in-person networking events is important because 70% of communication is non-verbal. There are precautions and tips you can apply before attending the meeting to benefit you and your business.

  • Come Prepared: You can never be too prepared for an event. Before attending an EO Forum networking event, your physical, mental, and social preparations are important. You can write down questions you intend to ask, wear a smile, prepare your pitch and business proposal, write down your goals, and learn communication skills.

  • Be Open-Minded: An open-minded entrepreneur is willing to take risks, implement new ideas, and grow in their business venture. When attending an EO Forum, be willing to appreciate other opinions and perspectives.

  • Contribute: EO Forums promote learning, confidentiality, and peer-to-peer interaction among entrepreneurs’ network members. It's important to share your experience so others can learn from you.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Part in the EO Forum Experience

Did you know that about 543,000 new businesses are created in the U.S. each month? And about 20% of these businesses fail during their first two years. While they fail for many reasons, one important factor is that they lack proper mentorship and foresight that could help them make better decisions.

Imagine belonging to an EO Forum where your peers are seasoned professionals in your industry. You’d definitely get access to salient information that would help you avoid steps that could destroy your business.

As an entrepreneur, if you’re willing to make a sustainable impact, build professional and personal relationships, grow your business, and stay ahead of your competitors, then you should join EO Boston and experience firsthand what a Forum can do for you and your business. See if you qualify for EO Boston membership.


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