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What Makes an Entrepreneurs' Organization Boston Membership Worth It Today?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

EO Boston members

Entrepreneurs' Organization Boston (EO Boston) aims to see members grow professionally and accelerate their business growth. This organization creates an avenue for budding and emerging business leaders and industry professionals in Boston to converge, share ideas, and support each other.

But is an Entrepreneurs' Organization Boston membership worth the investment? Below, we highlight why joining EO Boston makes a lot of sense and what your business stands to gain from membership in professional organizations.

It’s one thing to start a business, and it’s another thing to scale it exponentially. As your business grows, you’ll understand that the right network is one of the most important things you need to grow your client base, develop better strategies, and hit new milestones.

Joining Entrepreneurs' Organization is absolutely worth it if you have plans to take your business to the next level. From peer-to-peer networking events to exclusive member-only forums, you will get access to the resources and guidance your business needs for its transformation.

Much more than this, EO Boston will grant you access to mentorship opportunities, accelerator programs, courses, and seminars that can boost your business knowledge. In the next section, we will explain these points in detail, buttressing why an EO Boston membership is the right move for your business.

Whether at the national or international level, joining an entrepreneurial organization is a positive step towards setting your business up for growth. Here are some benefits of an entrepreneur membership.

1. Organized Networking

Professional relationships are vertical and horizontal in categories. Horizontal professional relationships involve your peers in the same industry or business level. You can easily classify these connections based on their annual revenue and business status.

On the other hand, vertical relationships are of two tiers. The first is those on a higher pedestal, which are businesses doing far better than yours. Entrepreneurs on this level are those you’re looking up to and aspire to be like in the near future.

The second are those on the lower margin, mainly entrepreneurs you can mentor and teach your wealth of experience. Professional organization membership allows you to network horizontally and vertically with various entrepreneurs in your field that you cannot connect with on your own.

These contacts can prove valuable when you’re looking to grow your company and need advice or even when looking for another job in your field. Building horizontal and vertical relationships will also help you build industry experience and thought leadership.

In addition, resources, job opportunities, and more are shared in these professional organizations that are exclusive to members only.

2. Professional Development

Specific fields, like nursing, quantity surveying, etc., require continuous education, accreditations, and more to retain their status or license. Obtaining an entrepreneur membership makes accessing resources needed for these professional development courses and exams easier.

3. Recognition

Joining a professional association is one way to put your business out there and increase your visibility. It is not enough to be the head of your company. Recognition as a leader in your industry creates a sense of trust with investors and customers, making them interested in doing business with you. This can, over time, help your company move forward better than any marketing strategy your team may come up with.

4. Updates

Being a member of a professional entrepreneurs’ organization can provide you access to regular updates, emerging trends, and changes in your field. In addition, members of professional organizations share these updates among themselves, sometimes even before they become public.

With this access, you can leverage the exclusive information you get via your entrepreneur membership to switch your business strategies to adapt to market changes and emerging trends.

5. New Acquisitions

Membership in a professional organization is another way to acquire a new client base and find new staff. Professional organizations consist of people joining for different reasons.

While some members may give you the advice needed to scale your business or invest in you to make your business grow, others may help you hire the right staff you need to put your many plans into action.

6. Conferences, Events, and Experiences

Professional conferences and networking events are avenues for members of professional organizations to learn the best industry practices. EO Boston organizes various strategic events tailored to meet your business needs. And these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are anything but bland. From firewalks to collaborative escape rooms, these events bring everyone out of their shells and cut across different industries and focuses.

One of the things that makes an EO Boston membership a valuable investment is the access to forums you get once you register and are accepted. In addition, this dynamic group of professionals has three core values as part of its mission: learning, improving, and achieving transformational growth.

The heart and soul of Entrepreneurs' Organization Boston are its forums, which host hundreds of members, including leaders of their various fields. These thought leaders are open to honest and deep conversations with other members who are founders or leaders in their respective companies and need advice on how to scale.

Given that there are strict membership requirements, like making at least $1 million in annual revenue, you are confident that any advice you receive at an EO Boston forum comes from an expert in their industry with proven results.

Above all, joining EO Boston will give you one-of-a-kind access to peer-to-peer networking and learning opportunities. See if you qualify for membership here.


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