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Entrepreneurs’ Organization Boston Memberships Do More Than Just Help You Grow Your Business

Boston-based entrepreneurs

Are you a Boston-based entrepreneur eager to grow your business? Imagine a community of like-minded Boston entrepreneurs ready to support and work with you on this journey. A safe space where you can share your challenges with people who’ve been there before, take on leadership skills, and make life-changing connections.

If this is what you’re looking for, welcome to Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO Boston). We are the doorway to a thriving network of successful and budding entrepreneurs, and you’ll learn why shortly.

What do we do at EO Boston? We are a transformative support network with over 14,000 members spread across 61 countries. Since 1987, we have helped Boston entrepreneurs become their best business selves and achieve their full potential. We want our members to gather meaningful connections they can learn from and grow with.

Motivated by our members' overwhelming business growth over the years, we have continued to bring entrepreneurs together. Keep reading to discover what a potential member can gain if accepted into our exclusive community.

1. Entrepreneurs Learn and Grow Together

EO Boston is more than your average Boston entrepreneurs’ network. We are a dynamic community of achievers. This means that we have, as our backbone, accomplished entrepreneurs who have seen the good and bad of the business world. So, by joining, you are guaranteed access to a wealth of experience you can’t buy in books.

From peer-to-peer learning sessions to workshops, speaking events, and other classes, there is always an avenue for Boston entrepreneurs to learn together from the best teachers.

2. Access to a Diverse Support Network

We understand that, for many, entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely journey. But with us, the story is different. Our community is filled with high-quality business leaders who support and encourage beginners. Many of our members have shared that the insight and guidance they received have made their journey easier.

3. Accelerated Business Growth

At EO Boston, we don’t just talk about growth—we deliver. Our members are found to have experienced business growth that far exceeds the average S&P 500. We owe this to the power of collective wisdom combined with our members’ shared experiences. There is strength in numbers, and our results are proof of this.

4. Life-Changing Events

Our community hosts a range of events for Boston entrepreneurs, from peer-to-peer learning sessions to exclusive speaking events. These events have one thing in common: they are life-changing. The reason why is not far-fetched—you get privileged access to industry experts and gather knowledge to expand your business outlook.

We even allow prospective members to attend some of our events, like the Happy Hour and Forum Test Drive. There, they can experience what it feels like to be an EO Boston member and then decide if it’s something they want for themselves.

Ready to Join Boston’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait too long to unlock the door to your business growth. If your company pulls an annual revenue of at least $1 million, you can get started on your EO Boston membership application today.

There are no industry barriers here—we welcome all businesses. Once you meet our qualifications, you are eligible, and we will consider your application.

Understanding that not all businesses grow at the same pace, we have an exclusive platform where we nurture budding Boston entrepreneurs and their growing businesses. So, although the $1 million requirement is a strict one, we make room for businesses still at the $250,000 revenue mark to go through the EO Boston accelerator program.

In this program, you will enjoy learning in small peer groups under professional facilitators. This arrangement will ensure everyone can work together at the same pace to grow their business.

How to Join the EO Boston Family

Applying for a full EO Boston membership or the accelerator program is straightforward and starts with visiting our website. To apply for full membership, scroll down to the membership section. This part of the website contains information on the application process and contact details for any questions you may have along the way.

The accelerator program has a slightly different process, but everything starts on our website as well. Simply check for the assigned contact details and reach out to them for guidance. But take note that we have limited slots and prioritize early applications. See if you qualify for an EO Boston membership here.


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