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How to Find Worthwhile Entrepreneur Networking Events Near You

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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Are networking events worth going to? It’s a fair question to ask in an age where online communication is easier than ever and in-person events can feel cumbersome and costly. However, statistics show that about 70% of people get their jobs from networking. Interestingly, about 80% of these jobs are not listed on job search websites. This proves that networking is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs who seek to take their business connections and careers to the next level.

While networking has proven to be a reliable source of business connections and job offers, knowing how to find the right entrepreneur networking events (whether online or offline) is a step closer to unlocking opportunities and valuable insights. In this article, we will explore strategies and tips on how to find worthwhile entrepreneur networking events near you.

How to Find Entrepreneur Events Near You

The goal of networking is to establish connections and encourage resource sharing. However, not knowing when to seize opportunities can make networking a daunting task. Finding entrepreneur's events near you shouldn't be a hassle as long as you:

1. Research Events in Your Area

To help you find a worthwhile event, begin by running a Google search for “entrepreneur events near me.” For better results, you can narrow down your events by adding the specific industry you’re looking for. A good example is “tech entrepreneur events near me.”

2. Look Out for Local Networking Groups

Another great tip for finding worthwhile entrepreneur networking events near you is to look out for networking groups, such as EO Boston, as they often host events for entrepreneurs. They usually organize workshops and discussion groups and provide event links to help guide you to other local networking events in your area.

By becoming a member, you can also locate events focusing on your entrepreneurial niche as a business owner. For entrepreneurs who prioritize market research and staying updated on market trends, subscribing to these events will give room for more learning while staying ahead of competitors.

3. Utilize Social Media Platforms

In today’s world, online networking has taken over the business world with the help of several social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn. From a survey, 35% of participants said they had found new opportunities by having casual conversations on LinkedIn, while 25% said the platform helped them develop a new business partnership. Social media platforms will help you connect with other entrepreneurs, business professionals, partners, and investors and offer great job opportunities.

4. Connect With Other Entrepreneurs Online

About 40% of people prefer online networking over in-person networking, and this is because they can connect with other entrepreneurs anytime from the comfort of their space. Websites and online platforms like Meetup, Zoom, Eventbrite, Google Meet, and lots more are helping to build a strong entrepreneur network worldwide while connecting businesspeople.

These virtual events provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with industry professionals and meet other like-minded individuals. In fact, 55% said they will utilize their network connections when considering their next job opportunity. These platforms create a safe space where they can learn from each other's experiences and grow their businesses.

5. Speak With Friends and Colleagues

Research shows that about 46% of independent business owners build job connections through friends and family members. It goes without saying that word of mouth plays a vital role in connecting entrepreneurs and finding that one event that can change everything about your business. Ask friends and family, especially those who have a knack for attending networking events. Whether it's a discussion forum, happy hour events, lunch groups, or virtual meetings, you can connect with like minds and gain valuable insights from such events.

6. Subscribe to Online and On-Site Materials

Subscribing to online materials like newsletters, publications, and websites and physical options like journals and newspapers is an opportunity to find great entrepreneur networking events in your local area. These materials often share information on upcoming events and business conferences.

7. Make Sure the Event Is a Worthy Investment

Most professional events, whether an entrepreneur leadership network or a networking event for startups, are tailored to meet a specified goal. They are particular about what the entrepreneur network intends to achieve and how to achieve it. Therefore, to ensure that these networking events are worth your time and investment, research the event organizer, hosts, speakers, and who they are in partnership with. Take time to read reviews and comments on other people's experiences from previous events.

How to Get Started With an Entrepreneurs’ Network

As mentioned earlier, EO Boston is the number one entrepreneur network for business owners and leaders in Boston and Massachusetts. It’s one place you can find some of the most valuable entrepreneurs' events you need to take your business to the next level. Here, members grow and develop insights through peer-to-peer learning, workshops, and seminars.

While it’s a choice destination for all business owners, EO Boston’s membership is only open to businesses that have recorded at least $1 million in revenue. However, if your business hasn’t hit this mark yet, you may apply to join the EO Boston Accelerator Program. Click here to learn more about EO Boston and our members.


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